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Want to re-connect with yourself - without meditating? Wait, WHAT!?

A bit about me:

It always surprises people when I tell them I’m a medium, because I’m not all fluffy and shit. I don’t tend to wear boho dresses. My crystal collection is ridiculously small.

I am woo but extremely practical.

I run multiple businesses, most of which are outside of the woo woo space. In fact, one is in the medical space, which I have been running for over 13 years. I’ve spent time working for some pretty well known brands like Clarins, Prada, Citigroup and Caltex.


I do this work, as I know it’s my soul’s purpose, but I don’t do it to impress anyone. It’s about helping my clients to reignite what’s already inside of them. To help them know what’s the next right step for them.


Most of my clients are awesome people, who feel that they have just lost their way a little, and need some connection to a higher power so they can get on the right track again.

To be frank, I’m useless at updating social media, mostly because I find it toxic. If you want to be in touch, make sure you join my mailing list. I promise to only email stuff that I would want to receive.

So, do you do


I get it, you’re here for a reading.

Did somebody say freebie?

Wanna re-connect with yourself – without meditating?