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Free Online Masterclass

“Slow The F Down”

How to find yourself when you feel like you’ve lost yourself to your business, kids and just life.

This masterclass was born when I found myself speaking to my clients and repeating the same thing on loop. It was ‘SLOW THE FUCK DOWN’.

The overwhelming response was, I don’t know how to do that. I don’t have hobbies, or really remember to have fun, I’ve just been in hustle mode for so long, now that I’ve finally ‘made it’ I keep on thinking ‘there’s got to be more to life than this’.

 With the overwhelming response I’ve received from them with these lessons, I thought that I need to give these step by step instructions to others, so others can also find themselves, even in amongst the most challenging of times (yes, you can still find yourself in amongst a global pandemic)

In this free masterclass, what you will learn is:

How to make more time for yourself, and your LIFE without sacrificing your business success? In fact, these strategies allow you to grow quicker with less effort.
Super simple, secret strategies that high performing women in the business world use every day to ensure that they take care of themselves first, so they can be more engaged in their business and family life
How to know if you’re burnt out, depressed, if there is something more sinister going on or if you simply need to slow the F down.
Why ‘getting more sleep’ is not the solution to all your problems (spoiler alert: There is no magic bullet solution to this one…)

About your host: 

Mare Forfa helps high achieving women just like you get in touch with their spirit, ignite their inner fire and take their life and business to the next level.

She has the gift of mediumship and uses her extensive business experience and a lot of help from ‘the other side’ to steer women in their next right step in business, life and beyond!

She has been running traditional businesses for the last 13 years, which have had enormous success, but found herself about 6 years ago questioning ‘is that all there is to life’?. She affectionately calls it her million dollar meltdown. She felt that she was hustling for so long in one of her businesses, when she was finally in a position to reach her goal of a million dollar year, she realised that the money wouldn’t actually make her happy. That’s when life shifted. Ironically, she now makes more money, has more time and is more fulfilled than that time in her life.

She uses a combination of her business experience, mediumship skills and real mum-of-one everyday life to inspire, motivate and be a conduit for changing the way people run their life, their business and their impact on the world.