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I feel that I live a very spiritual life.

I mean, I’m a spiritual teacher god-damn it (pun intended) and so my life should be somewhat spiritual.

However, it’s still true that sometimes, I find myself not in alignment with the highest truth and power. I feel shitty for no reason. I snap at my husband, when he has done the slightest thing to annoy me. I hold myself to unreasonable standards that aren’t even important to me.

As Abraham Hicks would say, I’m out of my vortex (for those that are new to this work, it just means I’m out of flow, or not in the zone).

So, what do I do to get myself out of there?

It’s simple.

I didn’t say it’s easy, I said it’s simple.

There are 3 tried and tested ways I do that for myself:

1.       Actively change what I am doing to something that feels good

For me, the first thing that I do is something that I enjoy. I remember that it’s good to feel good.

This morning, it meant an early rise and going for a jog by the ocean. No, I’m not some sort of crazy person that likes exercise, however what I do enjoy is that huge rush of endorphins that I get about 10 minutes into a good solid run. So, I got up and did it.

Then, I made a beautiful breakfast. Under all this spiritual stuff, I’m still a wog who loves food. A lot.

(for those fellow food lovers, I made an afghani classic, but in a keto way called Kaddo Bourani: recipe here)

I also got ready for a zoom call that I have at midday today really early. Really really early. Hair, makeup, a lovely top. I’m looking flash. It’s just me and my laptop here in my office, with no one around but I look like I’m ready to be a guest on oprah. That’s what makes me feel good.

For you, what makes you feel good could be totally different.

It could be a cup of tea in bed reading your favourite novel, it could be meditating, it could be connecting with friends you haven’t seen in ages, it could be a really really good sex session with your partner (or alone!).

Whatever floats your boat. Do it. And do it now.

This does come with a warning. If I do something that feels good for me in the moment, but in the back of my mind I know I’m going to suffer for it later, it doesn’t count.

So, drinking half a bottle of wine with a dominos pizza, is not going to lift my energy. I’ll just be anticipating the hangover (from both the wine and the gluten) and really wont lift my spirits. It’s a bandaid fix. When I say to do something that makes you feel good, I mean REALLY makes you feel good with no niggling side effects to come later.

2.       Assess your input

Look at what you are consuming in your day through all your senses.

This is easy to do when you’re thinking about food, but what about all of your other senses. What are you listening to, what are you reading, what are you touching and what are you smelling.

Is any of that out of alignment with who you truly are and who you want to be?

–          Are you reading news which you can’t do anything about but triggers an internal stress response?

–          Are you bombarded with emails or social media as soon as you wake up?

–          Do you listen to the radio to and from work?

–          What audio books or podcasts are you listening to?

–          Is there a smell in your home which triggers a feeling for you (good or bad)?

–          Are you wearing a bra or undies this is too tight/loose/uncomfortable?

I see this all as data input.

And, my trick is to curate an experience for myself that makes me feel good.

That doesn’t mean that you never have to look at the news again, but it does mean that you need to be aware of what data is being sent to you all day when you want to change your vibe. Especially first thing in the morning.

For me, the biggest impact is what I’m listening to. I make sure that in every spare moment of the day the data that is sent to my brain via my ears is positive, uplifting and inspiring. Find things that make you feel that way.

I often go onto YouTube and just search for people that I love and listen to old talks that they have given. I buy autobiographies of people that I look up to on audible (My current favourite is Shine It Up by Jackie Gillies). I put my little bose wireless speaker in the bathroom when I’m showering and listen to lectures. I put in my earphones when I run and listen to music that makes me want to dance (or run quicker). My current favourite playlist on spotify is 00’s & 10’s club anthems.  Yep, I’m that lady listening to hip hop full blast on my morning run.

When there is a song that has lyrics that I don’t agree to, I just change them in my mind. Sometimes I’m so convincing to myself, I forget the actual lyrics. I love that song called ‘summertime sadness’ and I’ve changed the lyrics in my head to ‘summertime gladness’. Literally every time I hear the word sadness my mind now changes it to gladness. I love it even more now.

Check and change the data input.

3.       Assess your output

Assess the output that your thoughts are giving to the universe.

The easiest way for me to understand how I am thinking is to ask myself in any moment:

What am I manifesting right now?

I think to myself, If my thoughts became my life right now, is it something that I would enjoy?

If the answer is yes, awesome! Keep it up. Horay!

If the answer is no, well, we’ve got some work to do.

I find that 90% of the work when changing your thoughts is actually understanding what you are thinking in the present moment. Catch yourself in the middle of a spiral and choose and better feeling thought.

I read a statistic somewhere that said that we think 60,000 thoughts a day, and 80% of them are just rehashed thoughts and beliefs from our past.

And, if you believe as I do that your thoughts create your reality, then it’s time to focus on those thoughts and turn that 80% into something that you actually want. Like, right now.

 So, they are my three top tips for getting out of a funk.

What to physically do to lift your energy when you have taken a nose dive.

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Sending love always Mare xxx