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Do you ever have synchronicities in your life?

I had one recently.

As with many people, I’ve had a bit of a rough year.

Financially, it’s been great…

But my family situation (mother with bipolar which was set off again by the lockdowns), my parents subsequent divorce and a terrible health diagnosis for my husband (osteoporosis at age 37) and in amongst, oh, you know, THE GLOBAL PANDEMIC, meant that this year was full on. To say the least.

I’m probably not the only one.

But, I’ve been more positive than usual.

I’ve even been upbeat.

I’ve been happy. Content. Even joyful despite all this going on.

(*gasp* oh, how dare I be joyful in amongst the chaos).

The only problem was, I kept on getting these reoccurring colds.

Every 8 weeks or so, I’ve been bedridden for a couple of days. Totally wiped out. Not covid, just a bad cold. Over and over and over again.

Now, there are many logical reasons for this but I knew it wasn’t logical. These colds were much worse than any other year, and totally not who I normally am.

I messaged my good friend, Lou, who had a nugget of wisdom for me…

She started with,

‘It’s been a stressful year for you’.

I was like, ‘yes, but I am taking care of myself. Lots of exercise, healthy food, meditating, beach time. I’ve taken care of myself more than I have ever done in my life. It still doesn’t make sense. I’m not stressed about all the stuff that’s happened this year. I’ve moved on.’ Then she hit me with the doozie…

‘Maybe you’ve just been moving on instead of actually moving through’.

…Moving on instead of moving through…

I had to stop.

It was profound.

I knew she was right.

She continued, ‘Instead of tears, it’s snot’.

Cut to later that day: My daughter had just been to daycare and we were coming home for dinner, bath, tantrum, bed. The usual routine.

As usual, she didn’t want to do any of it. She just wanted to play.

‘Mama, Mama, lets go on a bear hunt,’ she said.

She starts singing (mind you, she’s only 3 so there’s quite a big chunk missing in the song Haha)

‘We’re going on a bear hunt,

We’re going to catch a big one,


I’m not scared!

Can’t go over it,

Can’t go under it,

I’ve got to throuuuuuuugh it’

I stopped dead in my tracks.

She too knows I can’t just move on. I need to go through it.

Talk about synchronicities!

What I read into this is that you can’t move on without processing the emotions.

That was what I had been doing all year – just moving on – and so these colds were my system battling through all the unprocessed crap.

When things aren’t going our way we can’t just ignore them and move on. Pretend it didn’t bother you. It will keep on turning up in unexpected ways. Over and over again until you deal with it.

So I had to deal with my unprocessed emotions if I was going to ditch these colds.

The next day, I put on a few sad movies to help me cry and I did. I sobbed. I cried for all the shit going wrong in my world. In the whole world. I grieved. I really grieved.

I kept on singing the bear hunt song, but my own rendition (also with a big chunk missing).

‘I’m not scared

Can’t go over it,

Can’t go under it.

I must go through it.’

I must go through it. I must go through it. I must go through it. I must go through it.

And, if you’re feeling stuck in your life, there’s a little mantra I want you to repeat.

In fact, let’s call it a song.

To get unstuck:

‘I’m not scared.

Can’t go over it,

Can’t go under it.

I must go through it.’

That’s why synchronicities in your life show up.

Messages from beyond, to help you deal with what you need to. Something you probably wouldn’t have done yourself. Even something you’ve been ignoring.

It happens to me, and it happens to you.

And now, I want to hear about your life. Send me your stories of synchronicities. I would love to hear them

Sending love,

Mare ‘Must go through it’ Forfa